Magnetometro 3 eixos - RST480M

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Magnetometro 3 eixos - RST480M


The RST480M is an integrated 3‐axis magnetometer with signal processing circuitry and integrated IIC interface. It provides excellent temperature stability and high resolution over the whole operating temperature range (‐40°C ~ 85°C).
The RST480M delivers output signal proportional to magnetic field it measures on each axis. Meanwhile, it provides an IIC digital output. Factory trimmed scale factors eliminate the need for external active components and end‐user calibration.
The RST480M has different packages with sizes from 1.28×1.28×0.5 mm3 to 2×2×0.85 mm3 to meet customers' demands.

Range of measurememt:±48 gauss
Built-in 16 bit ADC
Resolution ratio:0.15μT/LSB(X/Y-axis),0.25μT/LSB(Z-axis)
Fast mode IIC serial interface
1.8V compatible IO
Supply voltage: 2.2~3.6 V

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