Sensor de fluxo de ar - CAFS1000A, CAFS1000B, CAFS1000C

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Sensor de fluxo de ar - CAFS1000A, CAFS1000B, CAFS1000C

Product Description
CAFS1000 series of MEMS air flow sensors are widely used in the electrical control fuel injection system of automobile engine, CAFS1000 air flow sensors are installed in the air inlet between air cleaner and throttle valve and used to measure intake air volume into engine. The output signal is the major parameter of automobile engine fuel injection system in control fuel injection volume, which determines engine's power, economy and emission performance. To obtain the mix gas of best ratio of fuel concentration, Electrical injection engine should accurately measure the air volume of intake into the engine and as the main basis to calculate and control fuel injection volume. CAFS1000 gas flow sensors is very important in the energy consumption saving and pollutant control to the modern automobile industry.
Product Features
Thermal mode silicon sensor core technology
Range: 10-1000 kg/h
Accuracy: (△m/Qm) ≤±2%
Response time: ≤15ms
Voltage application range: 7-24VDC
Operating current: < 0.05A (default 14VDC)
Temperature application : -40ºC- +125ºC
Match with ECU

Typical Application
•Gasoline and diesel engine air-intake measure

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