Sensor fluxo ar e gas para uso medico / respirador pulmonar - alternativo ao Honeywell AWM720P1 - S400

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Sensor fluxo ar e gas para uso medico / respirador pulmonar - alternativo ao Honeywell AWM720P1 - S400


MEMS Medical Gas Flow Sensor alternate to Honeywell AWM720P1


S400 series of medical gas flow sensors are specially designed for the measurement of medical gas flow and process control, which based on the Consensic MEMS flow sensor core technology , and applied to the kinds of clean and dry gas flow measurement with achievements of facility digitalization, intelligence and high safety compared to the traditional industry. S400 series have the property of wide range of flow measurement which satisfy different flow measuring requirements with high sensitivity, high reliability and stability and low cost.
S400 series promotes to development for more intelligence and energy saving.



Ventilator, oxygen machine, Gas mask and respirator, Sprayer, Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, Anesthesia delivery, Leak detection, spectrometer, Mass flow controller, Environmental climate control, Fuel cell control etc...



Wide flow range 0-500SLPM
High precision (1.5% F.S accuracy)
Linear output and temperature compensation
Maintain long-term stability with minimal zero drift
Solid-state sensing core (no surface void or fragile membrane), anti-blocking and pressure shock
Analog output (1 to 5 V) (I2C output is also available)
Fast response time (20ms response time)


Maximum rating

Working temperature: -25 ° C to 85 ° C
Storage temperature: -40 ° C to 90 ° C

Humidity: 0~100%RH*
Impact resistant 100 g
The sensor is resistant to condensation

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