Sensor pressao absoluta automotivo - RCPA800

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Sensor pressao absoluta automotivo - RCPA800


RCPA800 is a resistive absolute pressure sensor, which chip is packed and encapsulated inside the SO-8 plastic shell. Sensor only has millivolt output when supplied by 5VDC, and proportional to the input pressure. RCPA800 is SO-8 pressure which can provide different pressure range.

Product Features

  • Regular SOP8 pin package, easy to use, support reflow and manual soldering:
  • -25℃ to 85℃ operating temperature range, silica gel protection, gold     wire coating, vapour/moisture/oil impurities- proof
  • High reliability , low drift
  • Standard pressure range: 0-100KPa;0-200KPa;0-350KPa;    0-700KPa;0-1.5Kpa


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