Sensor pressao automotivo pneu TPMS - RCPS120M

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Sensor pressao automotivo pneu TPMS - RCPS120M

Product Description

RCPS120M series of tire pressure monitoring sensor module is applied to monitor tire pressure directly, it is installed with four sensors inside of tire, and transfers pressure signal to electrical signal which emitted by wireless emission device,RCPS120M performs real time monitoring to tire pressure and temperature when vehicle is in stationary or driving status and sends out timely alarm in high/low pressure and high temperature conditions to avoid traffic accident  Due to tire
RCPS120M(built-in and built-out) adopts ourself-developed MEMS capacitance sensor wafer, and has high stability and accuracy when combined with high integrated ASIC of signal adjustment and temperature compensation. RCPS120M is widely used in the auto-before market/aftermarket and maintenance.


Product Features
Built-in self-compensation internally, meet demand for operation of wide temperature range and long time
Adoption of capacitance MEMS sensor technology with high stability and low drift
Electromagnetic compatibility and strong anti- interference ability
Tire pressure full time monitoring, display current pressure and temperature alternately
Warning – high/low pressure, high temperature, rapid leakage, blowout preventation
Main battery low power display; Screen self-closing display in parking time
Be able to set corresponding standard pressure value according to vehicle types and tires’ position

Typical Application

Tire pressure real-time monitoring, Automobiles and Motorcycles

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