Sensor pressao oleo automotivo - RCPS1501

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Sensor pressao oleo automotivo - RCPS1501


Product Description
    RCPS1501 oil pressure sensor is specially applied to measure vehicle oil pressure, which helps to control engine in normal operating condition.
    RCPS1501 oil pressure sensor is mounted on the main oil gallery of engine, pressure measuring device monitors oil pressure and changes pressure signal to electrical signal to signal processing circuit during engine in operating status, then sends the amplified pressure signal to oil pressure indicator gage through amplified voltage and current, and changes the current ratio passing through the two coils inside of oil pressure indicator gage and indicates oil pressure of engine.

  Product Features

1. Based on the MEMS pressure core sensing technology and special high integrated ASIC with high accurancy and stability
2. Special fabrication processing technology and package , guarantee product with high reliability and stability
3. Multi-chips integration inside with software self-adaption compensation algorithm, no need external temperature compensation
4. Smaller package size and more suitable to different assembly and layouts with better cost performace compared to traditional mechnical sensors
Typical Application
EAI (Engine Air Intake) system pressure measure.
Waste gas recycling pressure measure and other application.

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