Sensor pressao - 0.5-4,5Vdc, 4…20mA, I2C, SPI - CT80A

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Sensor pressao - CT80A

CT80A is a series of high performance compact pressure transmitter by using ASIC signal conditioning chip and dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor. It has features of anti-corrosion, anti-wear, shock resistance and vibration resistance. Its anti-overload capacity is up to 100 times of the range, completely solved poor overload in small range of other
sensors. In addition to general ranges of normal sensors, its most outstanding characteristic is the positive and negative gauge pressure function. With high output and wide range, CT80A is especially suitable for manufacturing of high-performance industrial control pressure transmitter and harsh environment pressure measurement.

CT80A is solution for below applications:
•Pressure measurement of gas, vapor or liquid in various areas;
•Liquid level, volume or mass measurement;
•Integrated in a variety of user-defined solutions;
•Smart water and gas management, smart fire controling, automotive electronics controlling, air
compressor, HVAC, pump, valve and etc;

•Specific high performance ASIC conditioning circuit;
•Dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor;
•Robust ceramic capacitive sensitive membrane;
•Excellent anti-corrosive and anti-wear performance;
•Suitable for pollution and corrosive environment;
•Various electrical connectors optional;
•Rapid response, no hysteresis;
•Wide operating temperature range -40~135℃ ;
•0.5…4.5V and 4…20mA analog output or I2C and SPI digital output;
•Accurate, stable and reliable;

Working principle
CT80A series pressure transmitter uses W21 dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor as its measuring element. Dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor has no liquid transfer. Process pressure acts directly on the front surface of the ceramic diaphragm. Capacitance change between the substrate electrode and the diaphragm electrode is proportional to the pressure value. The initial value of capacitance is fine adjusted by laser to be coincident as the proportion. When overloading, the film clings to the ceramic substrate without damage. When pressure resumes normal, its performance is not affected. 
W21 dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor completely solved poor overload in low range shortcomings of diffused silicon sensor, and has been new generation products if diffused silicon sensor. The sensor has excellent temperature and time stability, and can contact with most media directly.
As no liquid transmission and no liquid filling in ceramic capacitive sensor, there will be no production process pollution. So it can be widely applied in food, medicine, refrigeration, automotive and etc. In addition to dry ceramic capacitive diaphragm, installation direction will not have any influence. Pressure transmitter with it as sensitive component can be widely used various pressure measurement situations.
Capacitive pressure sensor has excellent temperature stability; working with ASIC dedicated signal conditioning circuit, it can be temperature compensased in -40 ~ 125 ℃. The dual capacitance structure designed internally with main capacitor (Co) and reference capacitor (Cref) can offset most temperature and non-linearity errors.

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